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ScaffChamp brand guide

Welcome to the ScaffChamp logo usage guidelines, powered by Layher. This page provides a comprehensive overview of how to properly use and display the ScaffChamp logo in various formats and settings.

The ScaffChamp logo is carefully constructed to represent the event's identity, in partnership with Layher. Adherence to these guidelines ensures consistent and effective branding.

  • The logo is available in black, specifically designed for use on a strong yellow background. This color scheme aligns with the event’s primary brand color, Spanish Yellow (HEX #fdb715, RGB 252 182 21, CMYK 0 28 92 1, PANTONE 1235 C).
  • It’s crucial to use the correct logo and background combination and not alter the logo’s shape, size, or colors.
  • Minimum logo width in print form is 25mm and 120px for web applications.
  • Ensure adequate surrounding space around the logo, equal to the ‘X’ box, which corresponds to the height of the double letter S.


Font Usage

  • The preferred fonts accompanying the logo are from the Commuter Sans family, ranging from Heavy to Thin, offering versatility for various branding materials.

Logo Placement

  • On print media, the preferred placement is at the top center position, 12.5mm from the top edges of the page, or at the top left corner, also 12.5mm from the top and left edges.

Digital and Social Media

  • For digital media, including social media, the logo should be used as part of a well-designed layout that reflects the brand’s professionalism and event’s essence.

Adherence to Guidelines

  • Adhering to these guidelines is crucial for maintaining the integrity and recognition of the ScaffChamp brand, powered by Layher. For detailed information, refer to our Logo manual
  • Here you can download logo packs: Scaffchamp Layher logo