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Flight to Vilnius

Arrival and departure to Vilnius

Right now, you can fly directly to Vilnius International Airport from 53 different places.

For those traveling from the UK to Vilnius, direct flights are available only from London and Luton.

If you’re flying from Edinburgh, Liverpool, or Bristol, you’ll land in Kaunas. From Kaunas, you can easily get to Vilnius by bus, train, or rental car. It’s just a 100km journey, roughly an hour’s trip, to reach Vilnius

Please check flights here to Vilnius:


To Kaunas:



Information for London flights to Vilnius

✈️ London City Airport – Vilnius / Operated by LOT Polish Airlines 💙

✈️ London Luton Airport – Vilnius / Operated by Wizzair 🟣

✈️ London Luton Airport – Vilnius / Operated by Ryanair 🔵

✈️ London Stansted Airport – Vilnius / Operated by Ryanair 🔵

✈️ London Gatwick Airport – Vilnius / Operated by AirBaltic 🟢

Getting around Vilnius

Download App

In Vilnius you can use Bolt, Uber, ForUS and Etaksi apps. All of the available in your phone App stores. Average price from Airport to hotel costs 7-10 EUR. From Hotel to BSA HQ 10-12 EUR.


You can use car-sharing service CityBee or Bolt for short term car rent. Please notice, that if you will travel from Hotel to BSA HQ with car-sharing vehicle, you will need to rent it for entire day

Public transport / scooters

You can travel with public transport around the city and even reach BSA HQ. Please download m.Ticket or Trafi apps. Average trip price is about 1 EUR.

Accommodations in Vilnius

Most of our guests are using Booking.com or AirBnB.com platforms for accommodations.


We can recommend this hotels: IBIS City Center, Novatel