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Danish Scaffolders Club

Team from Denmark


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5th PLACE 2023


2023 - 5th place
2024 - N/A

About the Danish Scaffolders Club

At Stilladsarbejdernes Landsklub, we embody the spirit, skill, and solidarity of Denmark’s scaffolding workforce. As an integral part of Union 3F, our mission transcends the mere construction of scaffolding; we are the vanguard for fair wages, just working conditions, and the safety of our workers across the nation.


Organizing all scaffolding workers in Denmark, regardless of their nationality, our collective action and unified voice are potent forces that help make Denmark one of the best countries for workers’ rights. “Building scaffolds is more than just a job; it’s a lifestyle that demands skill, strength, and, most importantly, unity.” This philosophy is the cornerstone of everything we do, from wage negotiations to advocating for safety on the job site.


In our ScaffChamp powered by Layher debut in 2023, the Danish Scaffold Workers’ National Club proudly secured a commendable 5th place, narrowly missing the bronze by just two minutes. As we return for our second participation, we carry with us the strength of our common foundation and the unyielding spirit of our members.

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