Schweisserteam group Schweisserteam / ST-scaffolding

Founded: 2016

Country: 🇸🇰 Slovakia

Milestones: 🥷team debut (2023)


Schweisserteam group is a company in the industrial services. We are offering to our clients around EU and outside EU 4 divisions with different works.

Main portfolio is welding works, but now we offer also our professional and highly skilled scaffolders. They have many years of experiences from the field in many EU countries. We provide all necessary HSE trainings, certificates, and other important documents regarding works.

Currently, scaffolding manpower is around 80+ based mostly in Scandinavian countries.


Schweisserteam was found in 2016 as a small group of enthusiastic guys in industrial field. Started with 20 manpower, later grow up step by step and support clients around EU countries at many projects. 2020 has company approx around 200 workers with mostly ongoing projects in Germany and Benelux.

In 2021 new policy in the company we start using new idea : One company, 4 divisions. The company divided on 4 different divisions for each kind of industrial works. In 2022 since founding was the best year for works, employment and others. Currently, we have more than 370 workers and opening new brands in Scandinavia, Caribik and also new brand office in Texas/USA



Schweisserteam group

Sad SNP 8/668
Zilina, slovakia
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Phone: +421903372972