General FAQ about BSA International Scaffolders Championship

We hope, that all basic information for possible questions could be answered here. If not, please contact us directly

What is International Scaffolders Championship?

Scaffolders Championship is an event for professional scaffolders and people, who works with scaffolding. The main points are:
1) To promote scaffolder profession
2) To let get acquittance with scaffolders‘ work peculiarities for all interested parties
3)To promote safe work on scaffold
4) To select the best scaffold assembling team

Who can register to championsip?

Participate in erection can only professionals and experienced scaffolders, who knows safety regulations and how to work in high. Registration is limited to certain team quantity. We don't reserve team places - first come, first served. Registration to championship is here
Younger than 18 years old can't participate in championship.

What is the registration price for team?

Registration price for 3rd BSA Championship is 600 EUR per team.

Can I just visit championship as supporter or independet viewer?

Yes, you can. All you need is just to arrive to BSA Training Center in Vilnius (Salininku g 82) on the championship day and have a ticket to the event. There is 3 types of tickets:
1) VIP for two days
2) VIP for one day
3) Single ticket

For more information, please visit: Tickets

What equiipment team should bring?

All championship participants must have all personal safety equipment. Helmets, eye protection, safety harness with absorbers and two hooks, special boots, hammer, magnetic level, belt, ratchet spanner and additional tools that can help

How many people there is in the team?

3rd Championship is limited to 5 active scaffolders who are building + 1 extra person for substitute or for supervising on side

Where can I check construction drawings and material list?

The drawings of construction will be revealed the day before championship will start. Team captains will have 20 minutes time, to ask questions about construction directly to scaffolding engineer. The same for material list. All we can say, that construction will be erected from modullar Layher Allround scaffolding O system.

How the referees checks safety work and construction?

You will be informed about basic rules the day before championship starts. There will be table on how, referees calculates points and for what gives penalties.

Is there online translation of this event?

Yes, there will be a live translation on YouTube, Facebook and Twitch. Check our social media for more news