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Björli Bygg

Sweden Team


ScaffChamp results





3rd PLACE 2022


2022 - 3rd place
2023 - 12th place
2024 - N/A

About the Björli Bygg

Since its inception in 2017, Björli Bygg has rapidly grown from a small team of eight to a robust force of 70 skilled professionals, marking us as a significant player in Sweden’s scaffolding landscape. Specializing in constructing scaffolding for a diverse range of projects, our expertise and commitment to excellence are evident in every structure we build.


Using top-quality Layher materials, we have undertaken numerous ambitious projects, with the Stockholm Metro being our current highlight. Here, we are constructing intricate suspended scaffolding using the innovative TwixBeam system, showcasing our technical prowess and adaptability.


At Björli Bygg, growth and progress are our mantras. We’re not just building scaffolds; we’re expanding our horizons, constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to advance in our field.


Our participation in the ScaffChamp powered by Layher event for the third consecutive year is a testament to our dedication and skill. Having secured the bronze medal in 2022 and finishing in 12th place in 2023, our ambition this year is unflinching – we aim to return to the medal standings. Join us as we strive to reach new heights at ScaffChamp.

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