The story of BSA International Scaffolders Championship began in 2018 year with a small idea to prove, who are the best scaffolders in Lithuania. The first discussions showed, that this is a much more global issue to figure out, so Baltic Scaffolders Association decided to arrange the first scaffolders championship and invite different teams from Baltic States to participate. In the 2019 year idea grew in the real participation of 9 teams from Europe and the first official championship was held in Vilnius in the middle of spring. Teams from Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland participated in the event


    1st championship. 2019, Vilnius, Lithuania

    The 2022 year, right after the big pandemic COVID-19 pause, the second championship was organized. This time team geography expanded more widely, teams from Finland, Sweden and Norway also participated this time. This was the first championship, that had official online stream translation with TV host and 6 action TV spot cameras.

    International Scaffolders Championsip Baltic Scaffolders Association


      2nd championship. 2022, Vilnius, Lithuania

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